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January 11 18:06 2021
Sarah sells premium locally produced kitchen sets. She sells professional-grade stainless steel pots and pans that are only made in low volume to maintain their quality. It’s a difficult sell because of how the market is flooded with cheap, mass-produced imports. Despite the price difference between her quality wares and off-the-shelf offerings, most of her customers are highly satisfied with her products, and her business is well-recommended if asked.

She can sell enough to make a sustainable living. She does this using a combination of a referral system and a live kitchen demo. Previous customers refer Sarah to other families for whom she can do a cooking demonstration with her kitchen set. She’s a great cook and a master saleswoman, and a demo usually ends with a sale. The referring customer also gets a cut of the sales as an incentive, and the business cycle begins anew.

The problem that Sarah is facing is with regard to scaling. Since she feels that she’s the only one who can do what she does and she can only do her demo a family at a time, her method is inherently a time-consuming process. This also adds to the overall cost of her business operation. She wanted to expand her business without making compromises on the product quality or her support for local manufacturers. What she wanted was to mass-produce her method of selling.

Her search for an answer led her to discover video marketing. Particularly, the Video Sales Letter service offered by local internet upstart Sarah really liked how positions itself as a business that helps other businesses reap the benefits of modern technology. recognizes the advancements made in the online world today. Because of this, the company has introduced Video Marketing as one of the components of its services. This will allow its clients to market their products to their potential customers in an innovative way.

Running an online business can be very tricky, like walking in a field with hidden land mines. If done correctly, entrepreneurs and business owners will reap a lot of rewards. However, they can easily falter or do something wrong. Luckily, can help them with that. is a company that has the vision to revolutionize businesses online. It aims for consistent results by harnessing the power of social media and video marketing. This is because studies show that most consumers check reviews online before buying something. A lot of people also use social media platforms now. When something catches their attention, they will tend to click it and, if it is a product, subsequently buy it. To catch a person’s attention, the post must be attention-worthy and flashy. That is why has started offering video marketing services.

Videos tend to be more interesting than pictures alone, so the company uses that to its advantage. Designers and writers will work with clients to create catchy videos and captions that would entice more people to visit the website and possibly buy the products there.

Aside from that, also offers other services that would ultimately lead to the growth of the online business. With, clients will be taught and guided by coaches on how to approach different situations. Clients will also be given lots of pointers for marketing their products online and how to harness the power of online marketing when done right.

As for Sarah, not only helped her produce a beautiful video of her kitchen demo but also a new business model. She made the video available on her members-only website. Temporary access to the video is possible through an invite from a permanent member, and permanent membership comes with a kitchen set purchase. Permanent membership also comes with other perks like incentivized referrals, customer support, discounts on succeeding purchases, free cooking tips, forums, and freebies.

With her new website and video, Sarah has been able to increase her business tenfold, and it continues to grow. Sarah can only thank’s groundbreaking video marketing service for her current success.

To learn more details about the company, just visit For further inquiries and other concerns, send an email to [email protected].

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