Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Sheds Light on New York’s Property Division Laws in Latest Article

October 02 15:50 2023
Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Sheds Light on New York's Property Division Laws in Latest Article

Manhattan divorce lawyer Richard Roman Shum ( has published a comprehensive article titled ‘Is New York a Community Property State for Divorce?’ through the Law Office of Richard Roman Shum. The piece provides vital insights into New York’s property distribution laws, contrasting them with community property states, and educating readers on the intricacies of divorce proceedings in New York.

The Manhattan divorce lawyer elaborates on the system of equitable distribution, under which New York operates. This system ensures a fair and equitable division of marital property during a divorce, although not necessarily equal. Shum’s article makes it clear that having a knowledgeable divorce lawyer is crucial to protect one’s rights and ensure a fair allocation of assets.

In his article, the Manhattan divorce lawyer sheds light on the shift from the common law property system to equitable distribution in New York, which emphasizes fairness and justice for both parties involved in a divorce. He also highlights how New York’s laws differ from community property states, where marital property is divided equally rather than equitably.

“Understanding the principles of equitable distribution and the rules governing the division of marital property in New York can better prepare individuals to navigate the divorce process and protect their financial interests,” Shum states.

Shum further explains the legal concept of equitable distribution and how it applies in New York’s divorce cases. He outlines the factors courts consider, including the length of the marriage, income, earning potential, and contributions of each spouse, among other elements.

The article also covers the New York Domestic Relations Law and its rules regarding the division of marital property in divorce cases. Shum explains the difference between marital property and separate property and how this distinction plays a significant role in asset division during a divorce.

Bringing additional clarity to the issue, Shum discusses notable case law and how it has influenced the principle of equitable distribution in New York. He highlights important legal precedents such as Grunfeld v. Grunfeld and Majauskas v. Majauskas, which have significantly shaped the division of marital property in divorce cases.

For individuals dealing with the possibility of property division in a divorce, the comprehensive article by the Manhattan divorce lawyer serves as an insightful resource.

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