An Exciting Magical Adventure Tale Written by Author A. Remlov

October 02 22:18 2023
An Exciting Magical Adventure Tale Written by Author A. Remlov

APPLE VALLEY, Minn. – “Bones of Skull Island’, an exciting and magical adventure tale written by Mindy Duvernet (a.k.a. A. Remlov) received nods and praises from book critics. Kat Kennedy from US Book Reviews describes her work as a rollicking story that will capture the reader’s interest from the beginning to end.  The book is well-written and action–packed, with a plot that brings readers face to face with a talking tree, an talking owl, a seaweed-covered ghost of the Pirate; Pete, and the last Makki, known as Big Foot. 

Devotees of adventure and child-friendly characters will rejoice as they lay their hands on Duvernet’s book.  It is the story of a boy named Hunter, who travels to the Baja Peninsula for his summer vacation with his amateur archaeologist father, Mitch. Together they discover a jawbone believed to be the remains of Surly Max, a 700,000 year old hobbit killed by a pirate named Crazy Pete.  Hunter along with his father; Mitch, a fellow camper; Professor B, and another camper, Stella follow the jawbone and learn about the curse as the mystery unfolds. The professor reveals that the reason Surly Max fixates on reassembling himself is to fulfill a prophecy that the land will only find peace when all his scattered bones are together again. 

The story will transport readers to the amazing sights of the Baja Peninsula, mythical creatures, and exciting adventures of Hunter and Stella as the book is a thrilling read that compels early readers to glide through the short illustrated chapters.  

The story is full of action, adventure, and suspense, as Hunter and the rest must use their wits and skills to solve the mystery of the “Bones of Skull Island.’ 

The book has all the intangibles that make a great adventure endearing, Kennedy stated: ”The reader is pulled into the plot through its fast action and mystery of the curse.  There is plenty here to have readers quickly turning the page as the characters journey into the wilderness of the Baja Peninsula. This adventure is suited for both young and adult readers who enjoy works filled with unexpected magical events and adventure. 

Immerse in the archaeological adventure and mystery of Surly Max and the Giant Makki and order Mindy Duvernet’s (a.k.a. A. Remlov) “Bones of Skull Island’. Order it now at Amazon.  

“Bones of Skull Island” 

By A. Remlov 

Kindle | $4.99 

Paperback | $8.99 

Hardcover | $14.99 

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers 

About the Authors 

Author and Illustrator: A. Remlov – a.k.a. M. A. DuVernet is a novelist and filmmaker. Her first book, “Pushkin’s Ode to Liberty,” is about the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. She has two wonderful daughters, five grandchildren and spends her time in Minnesota and Oregon. 

Co-author: Chase Stevens is in the six grade. He loves wrestling, baseball, football and video games. He is on the student council and is making videos about the student experience. Most of all, he loves to tell a good story.

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