Celebrating Dads! LivnFresh Releases Special Father’s Day Packages

June 02 19:10 2017

Livnfresh’s Michigan Father’s Day Package “Home Brew” Collection. Michigan Home Brew Hoodie with bottle opener and beer holder, Michigan D Beer Holders, Decal and Love Michigan Beer Snap Back.
Want to get something for Father’s Day that won’t end up in the sock drawer? Livnfresh has you covered. Or rather they have your dad covered.

The fact of the matter is that Father’s Day gifts can get pretty expensive. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the average gift price for this particular celebration is $115.57. And the price keeps getting higher every year. Are you a dad that hates getting socks?

Does your dad wear the same ratty t shirts and hoodies at home and out in public? Time to upgrade your dad’s style.

LivnFresh’s new Father’s Day packages are the real deal. They are affordable, useful, and Michigan dads will surely love them.

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LivnFresh, a company that creates high quality, state-inspired fashion apparel, has released three affordable packages to help families make Father’s Day even more special.

The newly-released packages are the following: Father’s Day Home Brew Tailgate Package, Father’s Day Michigan D Unisex T-Shirt Package, and Father’s Day Michigan D Tailgate Package.

Each one contains a set of items that Michigan dads will surely love. Among these fantastic memorabilia are hoodies, ball caps, Koozies, t-shirts, and decals.

Here are the contents of each package from LivnFresh:

Father’s Day Home Brew Tailgate Package
Home Brew Tailgate Hoodie – (Select his size)
Love Beer Ball cap (snap back)
Michigan D Koozie
Michigan D Decal

Fathers Day Michigan D Unisex T-Shirt Package
Michigan D t-shirt – (Select his size)
Michigan D Ball cap (snap back)
2 Koozie
Michigan D Decal

Fathers Day Michigan D Tailgate Package
Michigan D Tailgate Hoodie – (Select his size)
Michigan D 20oz Kodiak tumbler
Michigan D Ball cap (snap back)
Michigan D Decal

You wouldn’t have to blow your budget just to get your father something nice. The first package from LivnFresh (Father’s Day Home Brew Tailgate Package) only costs $79.99. The Fathers Day Michigan D Unisex T-Shirt Package goes for even less at $49.99. Lastly, the Fathers Day Michigan D Tailgate Package is at $99.99—still very affordable considering its contents.

Not only are these items fresh and functional, they are also very stylish. Michigan dads will have the option to customize their new apparel with the Michigan D Decal. With any of these three packages, you’ll be able to give them the surprise that they really want.

About LivnFresh

LivnFresh is all about designing products that are as unique and outgoing as their customers. Dave and Carl Samilak, founders of LivnFresh, have been screen printing shirts for over 20 years now in beautiful Northern Michigan. And their goal is to help others live fresh.

In fact, LivnFresh isn’t just their name, it’s their lifestyle. “Why be like the others when you can be fresh? The little details make the difference,” says Dave. This is why their brand highlights the beauty of each and every single state.

“Michigan isn’t just a state, it’s a lifestyle—and the same goes for every state! We all have such pride for our home state; we are all connected, even in this diverse world. When you see a stranger wearing your favorite state design and walk up to them and strike up a conversation because you have something in common. That’s just awesome! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

Why You Should Choose LivnFresh’s New Packages for your next father’s day gift.

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