More Convenient Than People Imagined – Airwheel R6 Electric Assist Bicycle with Automatic Folding Design

June 03 18:05 2017
Airwheel, as a vanguard in the industry, deliberates on requirements, features and product positioning, to meet the increasing needs of customers. Airwheel mars rovers are multi-faceted products. The newest R6 fast electric bike is more convenient that you can imagine.

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Some people take the smart gadget as a means of transport for daily use. Some ride it for sightseeing. Some enjoy performing stunts with it while some have sensational pleasure on outdoor riding. The healthy and eco-friendly vehicle of the current age is generally favored by people of all walks of life. Now, many people ride Airwheel mini electric scooter release stress and build up the body. It is a way to express attitude towards life. With the company of an Airwheel R6 pedal assist bike, the new arrival, riders can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. They can go to the countryside and have a closer contact with nature.

Airwheel R6 pedal assist bike

Airwheel R6 fast electric bike is able to provide riders with three ride modes, say man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted ride mode. Its powerful hub motor offers more powerful and stable force. You can enjoy the riding pleasure whether in power-assisted mode or electricity-assisted mode. In addition to the innovative three ride modes, Airwheel R6’s battery is also worth our attention. It will be with you rain or shine by virtue of the up-equipped battery design.

Airwheel R6 pedal assist electric bike

Airwheel R6’s frame can be folded automatically, instead of folding it by hand. Riders can just push one button to fold it. Therefore, it can be stored easily in car trunks to be carried outside. Airwheel R6 pedal assist electric bike can not only go smoothly on level roads, but also tough ones. It is equipped with 14-inch wide wheel hubs. The special tread patterns and the large tire size render it with superior traffic ability and adaptability to different road conditions. Whether on muddy path or bumpy grass lands, R6 can pass through gently and unimpededly.

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What’s more, R6’s trip computer makes it more outstanding, as it can not only help the rider alter freely among the three ride modes, but also monitor the real-time data, like the speed, mileage, electricity, settings and timely fault reminder etc., to make riding more safer.

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