Kisslover, A Market Pioneer, Won Red Dot Design Award

November 30 09:28 2017

Numerous designers worldwide gathered together in Essen, Germany to attend “2016 Germany Red Dot Product Design Award Ceremony” held at Essen Aalto-Theater. 79 eye-catching design works that were awarded with the highest honor, “Best of the Best”, were announced on that day. The series products of Kisslover won awards in the field of articles for daily use.


Kisslover, a market pioneer, won red dot design award

The fact that Kisslover had the honor to win red dot design award in 2016 was a great recognition to the design of silk amino acid liquid sanitary towel and silk amino acid liquid baby diaper with new invention patent by Kisslover. Kisslover private health care products had brought a piece of good news of health for women and children. As for innovation of Kisslover, the amino acid technology in silk bio-extraction was adopted. Moreover, biotechnology integration of amino acid liquid core materials was also combined, so as to further promote the development of women’s sanitary towel. The technological fashionable design, natural environmental maintenance, and extremely comfortable experience were integrated, leading the women’s sanitary towel to the time when private health care products are natural, safe, healthy and affordably luxurious.


Kisslover, a market pioneer, won red dot design award

Kisslover dared to be a market pioneer and subverted the traditional market of private health care products. It created a unique style without the price competition with the traditional market of those cheap products, served the fans and members who pursued the high-quality, environmental, safe and healthy life. Besides, kisslover established, created and shared an upgraded product in the Internet era, and moreover took customers as the core product creators. Kisslover takes “A True Heart, Forever Care” as its core value.


Kisslover, a market pioneer, won red dot design award


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