Box3d: The 3d Printer Fumes Eliminator Launches Kickstarter Campaign

February 02 20:42 2018
Now Seeking Community Support Via Kickstarter, This Printing Solution Will Eliminate Terrifying Noises, Toxic Fumes & Warped Prints

Feb 2, 2018 – 3D Printing is one of the biggest technological innovations of the twenty-first century, and it is becoming a multi-million dollar industry worldwide. However, a lot of people face problems with this technology, and a game-changer solution has arrived to make their lives easier than ever before. For all those who have their 3D printers warping or emitting toxic fumes and/or making noises also, Box3D has released the ultimate solution in the form of a 3D printer enclosure kit.

“Box3d is a 3d printer enclosure kit, which simply controls the printing climate, extracts fumes and reduces noises,” said the spokesperson of Box3D, while introducing this amazing solution. “We are proudly offering this game-changing solution to everyone with a Kickstarter campaign, and we are welcoming everyone to generous make pledges in support of our campaign to get this kit as a reward,” he added. According to the spokesperson, this remarkable 3D printing solution is ideal for professional and personal use for everyone ranging from university students to architects, engineers, designers, and manufacturers.

In addition, the company is offering Box3D as a reward for the pledges made to this Kickstarter campaign with worldwide shipping, so that people from around the world can become a part of this inspiring project.

Furthermore, this printing solution is packed with endless amazing features, and because it offers a closed environment 3D printing, it is not only safe but also stable and silent. The goal of this crowdfunded campaign by the Dutch company is to raise a sum of EUR 5000, and early birds can get this printer for as low as EUR 169 pledge.

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