Blockchain + tourism, Jedpay made its debut at the TokenSky summit in Tokyo, 2018

July 19 04:14 2018
The hype swirling around blockchain has set off a wave of global participation. From the national level to major exchanges, funds, and technology experts, all actively involved in blockchain hype. Everyone is eager to seize new market opportunities in the wave of “change the world through token,” plays a leading role in the blockchain scene application and occupying the commanding heights of future economic development.

Jedpay is a new generation of decentralized aggregated payment system that standardizes service in tourism scenarios. It is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency wallet which combines multi-currency storage management, trade exchange, and offline payment. It accepts its self-issued JED and other mainstream cryptocurrencies, enabling the wide circulation and application of cryptocurrency in the real economy. Jedpay has brought digital currency from the dream into reality in the docking of large-scale application scenarios, leading the future development of blockchain digital currency.

2018, is the year for blockchain application scenarios. Jedpay, as the brightest new star in the application of blockchain scenarios, was invited to attend the 2018 TokenSky Blockchain Conference Tokyo Session.

The TokenSky Blockchain Blockchain Conference was held from July 4th -5th. This summit has drawn 3000+ high-level representatives, 130+ domestic and overseas entreprenuers and experts, 100+ VC/PE investors, 100+ crypto exchanges and 200+ domestic and overseas cooperation media to discuss opportunities and challenges facing blockchain technology. Focusing on “Blockchain+” theme, participants and industry experts addressed blockchain gaming, blockchain copyright, blockchain AI, blockchain AR/VR, blockchain IoTs, and other industries combined, promoting in-depth partnerships between transnational and trans-industry blockchain applications.

TokenSky founder Zishang Wang, famous angel investor and chairman of CariNet Xue Manzi, Taiyi Silicon Valley Lab CEO Xiaochuan Guo, director of Japan Asia investment group Shiho Hongo, Chairman of Asian Pacific Blockchain Association and TokeSky Co-Chairman Xuetao Chen and other distinguished guests from all over the world have attended the conference to discuss the development trend of global blockchain technology. In addition to the well-known markets, China, Japan, the United States, India, Cambodia and other countries’ development of blockchain, the conference also highlighted the French CTO. As one of the critical countries in the development of blockchain technology, France has received support from the government and central bank. The French government has allowed the issuance of smalls blockchain bonds, and the French bank CréditMutuel Arkéa has partnered with IBM to complete its latest blockchain project: to create an authentication system, using the blockchain ledger mechanism to provide consumer identity to third parties, such as to local charities and retailers. It will then further attempt to demonstrate that the proof mechanism can be used for non-financial applications.

As the benchmark for the development of blockchain applications, Jedpay was the key project of the conference, delivered an exceptional speech, and has won support from many industry experts. Jedpay, a blockchain-based aggregated payment system. It consists of three core technologies: digital currency payment gateway, cross-chain and cross-protocol service engine, and non-turing complete sidechain and turing complete sidechain. Ensuring high performance, high quality and while maintaining the safety of the project. Its cross-chain and cross-protocol technology allows direct exchange of assets between different blockchains, and serve as a connecting bridge between the physical and cryptocurrency world. Providing the best user experience.

Meanwhile, the substantial business resources and corporate advantages of Jedpay are unique among the surging tide of blockchain applications. Jedpay is jointly invested by Ly Hour Group and Gargash Car Rental (GCR) international group. Charoen Pokphand Ground has shown interest in investing in Jedpay and has provided supports to Jedpay project. Ly Hour Group is one of the three leading forex exchanges in Cambodia, with seven subsidiary companies, namely Ly Hour Exchange, Ly Hour Pawnshop, Borey Vimean Phnom Penh, Ly Hour Microfinance Institution, Tepi Agro Investment, Ly Hour Leasing and Ly Hour Pay Pro. GCR international group is the world’s largest luxury car rental company, and its business extends from high-end tourism to shopping tourism, resorts, business hotels, Internet development and application, jewelry and other industries. Further, Charoen Pokphand Group is a leading Thai conglomerate, a multinational and multi-industry corporation covered more than ten industry sectors. Jedpay’s payment system will be accepted and used by all three conglomerates once the payment system has launched. All consumers can use their own cryptocurrency to make online and offline payments with Jedpay’s payment system.

With the rapid development of blockchain industry, many issues and challenges also emerged. Jedpay aims to solve the inconvenience of managing multiple currencies by issuing a series of pegged cryptocurrencies. As a decentralized aggregated payment system, Jedpay help users to manage various types of digital currencies, eliminate cumbersome exchange process and eventually provide a reliable, transparent and secure payment gateway for the global users. Along with the Belt and Road initiative, unique distributed ledger technology, and strong business resources, Jedpay targets to replace VISA and Alipay, and establish a global integrated new settlement system, where trades between countries can directly depend.

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