How Send Handwritten is disrupting marketing by combing impactful old-school tools with digital flare

June 13 12:06 2020

Be the ‘un’ of your industry. Unusual, unique, unconventional – unbelievable.

When Greg told me that an accountant client had an ROI of $210,000 on a $4000 marketing investment in just two months, I had to find out how.

I’m intrigued to be chatting with Greg Smith today, Founder and CEO of Send Handwritten where leveraging traditional marketing with delightful and engaging digital technology makes marketing remarkable, memorable and profitable.

Where you are from Greg?

We service the world from our home base on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

What inspired you to start Send Handwritten?

Some years ago I sold a business to an international non-profit. I worked for them for a couple of years to ensure a smooth transition and despite my best efforts I watched as my ‘baby’ deteriorated. They took their eye off the customer experience ball and loyalty to the brand waned. I found that upsetting.

At the same time, I noticed that in most commercial interactions I’m simply processed efficiently. As a consumer and business owner, most products and services are provided in unremarkable and transactional ways. I find that uninspiring. A transaction does not encourage repeat business.

It also turns out that 100’s of billions of dollars are being spent on digital marketing around the globe each year. It’s very noisy out there. Entrepreneurs are being drowned out. We simply delete each other as a psychological survival tool.

Those pain points were our inspiration for Send Handwritten.

How does Send Handwritten achieve that outcome? It sounds old school?

Even before the pandemic amplified the challenges for modern businesses, salespeople simply were not getting the quality leads they need. Companies continue to struggle to meet growth targets.

So, we decided to help our clients stand out from the crowd by going “old school”. On their behalf, we send beautifully branded handwritten cards that arrive in an exquisite wax-sealed envelope. We cut through. Nauseating bills, bank statements, and junk mail in our post boxes get second priority when something stunning, hand-addressed and wax sealed arrives. It’s compelling – and it’s not digital. That’s why we get up to 100% open rates and 15% response rates.

That leaves email and direct bulk mail in the dust.

It’s sounds like there is more to it?

Yes, we’ve developed a 5 Step System to help sales teams and business leaders get the leads they crave.

1. Clarify the strategy. Once we know the niche being targeted we can move to step two.

2. During the campaign design phase, the intent of the Creative Director, Andy, is to ensure 100% open rates and maximum response rates.

3. Production. Once a client signs off on their design we print and write cards and envelopes, wax seal them with your logo, apply a postage stamp and mail them. A dedicated team of real human beings write the cards!

4. Data. 30% of our clients have prospect details on their warm lists. When they don’t have the data, our team of targeted, verified lead generators collate the data for the client.

5. The appointment setting phase creates the human to human connection. We have Aussie and offshore appointment setting teams.

How do you service the USA market from DownUnder? That must be expensive?

We have agents in New York and other USA locations who receive bulk card shipments, place stamps on the envelopes and post into the USA Postal system.

We actually provide the entire service for less than what it would cost an entrepreneur to achieve this inhouse. Our system creates massive returns to scale.

Tell me about the results you are most proud of.

When a not for profit recently invested $4000 in marketing with SHW they needed cash. They were hoping for a $20,000 ROI – we achieved a $350,000 result in just a few months. An accountant generated an additional $210k in sales revenue with a single batch of 200 cards in 2 months!! Assuming those new clients stay with that accountant for 5 years, the lifetime value of that campaign in just the first two months is well over $1m.

How is Send Handwritten adding massive value, especially during the current challenges?

So glad you asked because we are super excited to announce our handwritten Digital Card Suite. Designed as a fun, phenomenal stand-alone marketing tool or as a way to leverage a traditional card campaign.

These time-lapse cards arrive via text, email or social media. A set of 10, original Digi-Cards for under $500 is impossible to beat. Imagine the card audio track being sung or read by well-known singers and narrators.

How can our readers find out more?

So many of our clients are now giving us the green light. We’d love to speak to dynamic entrepreneurs who want to stand out and be the ‘UN’ of their industry.

They can learn more at

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