Global Online Art Exhibition of Sun Jiandong, A Famous Chinese Painter (Europe and America Station)

February 10 15:13 2021

Sun Jiandong, born in Shanghai in 1952, graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Yunnan Art University, and became a student of the famous painter Yuan Xiaocen. Good at enjoyable Flowers and Birds, Figure painting, especially in the Freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese peacock has high attainments.

He is a professor at the College of Fine Arts , Yunnan University of Arts, Supervisor of postgraduate, Member of Chinese artists association,The sixth vice president of Yunnan Artists Association, Member of the 8th to 12th session of Yunnan CPPCC; Member of the 9th, 10th and 11th Standing Committee , Member of Yunnan Institute of Literature and History,The National Excellent Teacher, Famous teacher in Colleges and universities of Yunnan Province, Advanced workers in Yunnan Province, Enjoy special government allowances. He was appointed Vice President of Hong Kong Artists Association in December 2020.


2020.In January 2000, He held a solo exhibition in Taoyuan, Taiwan

March 2004, Held a solo exhibition in Rennes, France

In November 2011, Held a solo exhibition in Yunnan Provincial Museum

In August 2012, Held a solo exhibition in Shanghai Art Museum

In September 2020, Held a solo exhibition in Pu ‘er Art Museum

His works have been selected into the 7th and 8th National Fine Arts Exhibition. He has published more than 20 personal collections and monographs on techniques. In 2011, he was published by Tianjin People’s Fine Arts Publishing House “Chinese Modern Famous Paintings Collection of Sun Jiandong” , and in 2015, he was published by People’s Fine Arts Publishing House . In 2017, his peacock works were collected by the Tian ‘anmen Administration Committee in Beijing and hung on the Tian ‘anmen Rostrum.

The peacock is vivid in his paintings — Sun Jiandong’s Chinese painting creation

By Shao Dazhen

The peacock is a transcendent spiritual bird, The dance of the peacock places one in a space full of spiritual exchange. If the blooming art of the peacock dance is presented in the painting, it will show a gorgeous and rich beauty, the gorgeous color of the stripes, and the human spirit revealed between the brush and ink.The image presents the soul life, the artist through modeling,, step by step sublimation, until the birth of beauty. Sun Jiandong’s peacock-themed paintings not only inherit his teacher Yuan Xiaocen’s attainable of contemporary freehand peacock paintings, but also draw inspiration from nature, full of the vivid and rhythm of life. Perseverance, long-term training, efforts to ink color, in the face of objective objects to pursue his own personality.


Although Sun Jiandong was born in Shanghai, he has been nourished by the beautiful, mysterious and abundant land of Yunnan for decades. He has painted with ink and brush his feelings in the face of the fantastic mountains and rivers, rich vegetation and gorgeous flowers. He is full of affection for such mountains, rivers, trees, rocks and birds. In the eyes of the Dai people, the peacock is the kindest, the most intelligent, love freedom and peace of the bird, is a symbol of good luck and happiness. Sun Jiandong painted the harmony between man and nature, so there is a deep reverence for nature hidden in his paintings. He focused on discovering the peaceful, magnificent and clean world of flowers and birds, and opened up his smooth and colorful character. The peacock under his brush is graceful and graceful, just like a symbol.

He follows Yuan Xiaocen’s pioneering depictions of wild peacocks and harmoniously unifies the nobility and wildness of peacocks. In many of Sun Jiandong’s works, peacocks are placed in the forest springs of Xishuangbanna, making people appreciate the freshness, elegance and dust of peacocks in nature, which is far more comparable to the garden peacocks matched with peony, peach blossom and apricot blossom. They may wade leisurely in the sound of stream spring, or the golden house green plumes twinkle in the mist gauze, or with the hanging twists and turns linger in the shade of ancient vines, or take a rest in the strange and primitive pale rocks.

Peacock’s image in the natural environment with a lithe, natural and unrestrained, natural beauty, which constitutes the artistic conception of both spirituality and delight, make a symphony of life, nature is also a painter passionate about the true feelings of nature, such as his “Rainforest amorous feelings”, “Forest song”, “Morning in the Woods”, “Peacock park” and “The peaceful home.

The peacock has a noble temperament and a refined manner. Only the peacock, set “nine virtues” in one, other birds are difficult to compare with. Peacock is divided into four colors: white, gold, blue and green. The peacock is beautiful, but its feathers are intricate, which is the pursuit of all generations of flower and bird painters but difficult to express the perfection. Sun jiandong’s works are mostly blue peacock, neck and chest are blue, showily elegance, and one of the most wonderful place is blue peacock’s neck, with thick ink brush, and then use the heavy azurite and peacock blue dot in the middle of the neck, make the ink has the actual situation changes, the weight light, natural transition, and leave a small piece of white, Like a peacock’s neck shining in the sunlight.


Sun Jiandong received formal training in painting skills from Yunnan Art University, systematically studied traditional basic courses, and also mastered Western painting techniques and solid modeling ability. His painting is based on image, rather than abstract line color blocks, from vivid images into the artistic conception of ink and brush. He attaches great importance to the traditional Chinese brushwork and ink rhyme, and combines the strong, light and shade characteristics of the West, showing his aesthetic feeling rich in the power of the confrontation between brush and ink.


He painted peacock feathers and described them in various ways. The elegance of the feathers and the cleverness of the tail were fully expressed with ink and color. He not only had a strong three-dimensional sense, but also permeated the emotion of color ink into the abstract implication. Therefore, his paintings are both aesthetic and thought-provoking.
The specific image of the modeling, the combination of writing and painting, shows the beauty and moral character of the peacock, which has become the characteristics of Sun Jiandong’s artistic creation. He faces nature and artistic creation with an elegant, calm and joyful attitude, and at the same time announces the peace and well-being of today’s society with the blooming of flowers.


He regarded the peacock as a spiritual symbol of Yunnan, and his paintings of the peacock became an artistic symbol, which was used to repay the people on the land where he grew up. In doing so, he thought, he was fulfilling his duty as an artist.

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