Phystep Unveils Revolutionary Calorie-Burning Leggings Inspired by Kinesiological Taping Principles

June 05 11:15 2023
Fashion meets function in Phystep’s innovative, stylish, and comfortable calorie-burning leggings.

Phystep, a start-up focused on activewear innovation, is excited to unveil their groundbreaking line of calorie-burning leggings. These unique leggings merge cutting-edge technology with a stylish design, offering a comfortable and effective solution for fitness enthusiasts. Phystep’s unwavering dedication to transforming the fitness industry is evident in these innovative leggings, which incorporate design-protected technology RCD 015022132-0001.

Designed to effortlessly burn up to 20% more calories with each step, Phystep leggings incorporate advanced scientifically proven technology and ergonomic design principles. Featuring a unique silicone-based system, these leggings promote increased calorie burn by harmonizing with the body’s natural movements. Rigorous testing using yeloergometry ensures the leggings’ effectiveness in burning calories. Phystep says their technology “tightens muscles and intensifies the opposite muscle movements, therefore, training them passively.”

Not limited to the gym, Phystep leggings are built to complement active lifestyles in all settings. The leggings boast a fashionable and comfortable design that is suitable for work, everyday activities, and workouts, offering both versatility and functionality. Phystep aims to empower individuals to embrace an active lifestyle by introducing these game-changing leggings to the fitness industry. The brand believes that the fusion of innovative technology, comfort, style, and flexibility is precisely what people need in the perfect leggings. Each movement in the Phystep leggings actively contributes to burning calories, enabling users to achieve their health and fitness goals.

In addition to their versatility and style, Phystep leggings are designed to enhance the wearer’s appearance. Crafted with Eco Nylon and a reinforced belt, these leggings provide both comfort and a slimming effect, ensuring individuals look stunning wherever they go. The entire production process, from design to assembly, takes place in the EU, guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of the leggings.

As a disclaimer, Phystep reminds users that the calorie-burning capability of the leggings is activated during physical activity when muscles are stimulated and forced to work off calories. While wearing the leggings while sitting or without any activity will passively tone the muscles, it will not result in additional calorie loss.

Phystep invites individuals to join the fitness revolution and unlock their full potential with the power of these revolutionary, first-of-their-kind leggings based on kinesiological taping principles. To learn more about Phystep or to place an order for the calorie-burning leggings, please visit

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